About Us

RAPS Group is among the fastest developing business conglomerates that enjoy a commendable presence in the core sector of Indian economy.
The group led by RAPS as international films production house within this time has grown to become one of the leading business conglomerates of India.

RAPS Group

The major domains of operation of the RAPS group are as follows:

                          RAPS Studio Private Limited
                          RAPS Modelling Studio
                          RAPS Acting Academy
                          RAPS Pageants
                          RAPS Casting Agency
                          RAPS Ad Films
                          RAPS International Gossip

                          RAPS Consultancy Services Private Limited
                          RAPS iTech
                          RAPS Hospitality & Allied
                          RAPS Technologies
                          RAPS CashBack.com
                          RAPS Charitable Trust

RAPS Group